Automatic processing of 3D point clouds

About us

The Cross Product is a French deep tech born in 2021 specialized in processing 3D point clouds from railways, motorways and electrical environments.

Our expertise

LiDAR for large-scale infrastructure management 

Currently, 3D technology is a hot topic in industrial applications. It is now common to use cars, trains, drones or helicopters to precisely scan, using LiDAR, very large areas and create 3D digital twins of an environment. These data are usually processed in 3 steps.

Classification, Vectorization and Business Applications

  • Classification: recognition of the objects in the scene,
  • Vectorization: modeling objects for a 3D map or a Geographical Information System (GIS),
  • Business applications: application-dependent calculations such as inventory, inspection, gauges, visibility and safety distance calculation, vegetation alerts, etc.

Example of object recognition: Classification of 3D point cloud:

Example of modeling: Vectorization of 3D point cloud:

Example of business calculation – railway gauge

Our solutions

In order to improve the operation and maintenance of infrastructures, The Cross Product proposes automatic data processing solutions combining the precision of 3D and the power of AI. 

Our products are softwares for automatic processing of 3D data making it possible to carry out 3 processing steps: classification, vectorization and business applications in the electrical, railway and motorway fields.

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